(November 26, 2005) Authority hears plan for park at Avtex

(November 18, 2005) Conservancy group to hold first meeting

(November 3, 2005) Regional developer targeted for Royal Phoenix


(October 28, 2005) EDA picks developer for business park

(October 26, 2005) EDA plans to select Avtex site developer at meeting

(October 22, 2005) Woman wants test at Avtex site

(October 7, 2005) Cutting edge


(September 21, 2005), A Phoenix rises

(September 20, 2005), 'It's an era coming to an end'

(September 17, 2005), Ready to blow

(September 16, 2005), Avtex Building to go out with a bang


(August 29, 2005) Avtex site planning continues


(July 19, 2005), Commission to mull soccerplex

(July 1, 2005) Interest building for old Avtex site


(June 23,  2005) Local residents ponder Avtex past, Royal Phoenix future

(June 23,  2005) EDA reviews ups and down of Royal Phoenix/Avtex

(June 14, 2005) Contamination clean up continuing at the Avtex Fibers Superfund site


(May 19, 2005) Avtex powerhouse coming down Sept. 19

(May 16, 2005) Men honored for Avtex Redevelopment Effort

(May 13, 2005) Open house will introduce Avtex's new face to the community

(May 12, 2005) Royal Phoenix open house to focus on the future

(May 9, 2005) Mixed-use plan in works for N.Va. land that once held a toxic rayon plant

(May 7, 2005) Officials say drop 'Avtex' from site

(May 6, 2005) Army corps to clear Avtex Site


(April 28, 2005) It's Avtex no more - phoenix rises from the ashes

(April 16, 2005) EDA approves business park marketing plan

(April 14, 2005) Soccerplex ground breaking

(April 12, 2005) Field work at former Avtex plant begins

(April 7, 2005), Bidding adieu

(April 6, 2005) Committee for Avtex site development ends its work


(March 31, 2005) As ARAC departs, realization of a vision looms


(February 17, 2005) Town and Avtex road issues may converge


(January 27, 2005) EDA gets update on town marketing and Avtex cleanup projects

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