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(December 20, 2000) Proposal: Avtex may qualify for National Register of Historic Places

(December 19, 2000) Authority : Time for soccer group to start paying

(December 18, 2000) EDA taking ‘smart growth approach’ with Avtex

(December 16, 2000) Cost-sharing request made for archaeological study

(December 12, 2000) Authority gets grant for Avtex renovation

(December 6, 2000) EDA looks at materials for Avtex redevelopment


(November 24, 2000) Contest lets residents name soccer complex

(November 21, 2000) Archaeologists may continue digging for artifacts at Avtex Superfund site

(November 20, 2000) First phase of Avtex cleanup to be done by Christmas

 (November 20, 2000) Former Avtex site may have archeological significance

(November 16, 2000) Councilmen seeks Avtex compromise

(November 13, 2000) Land swap may make room for bus maintenance facility


(October 27, 2000) Stakeholders voice concern about Avtex development

(October 24, 2000) Workshop will update residents on Avtex plans

(October 21, 2000) EDA wants FMC to fund archaeological dig

(October 19, 2000) Supervisors table Avtex right-of-way request

(October 5, 2000) Avtex site yields treasure of ancient artifacts

(October 3, 2000) Archaeologist details artifacts found at Avtex site

(October 3, 2000) Council to Board: Avtex parking lot cannot be used


(September 30, 2000) Archaeological study finds artifacts on Avtex site

(September 29, 2000) Board seeks county input on the use of land at Avtex

(September 28, 2000) State wants bird watchers to come to Virginia as tourists

(September 28, 2000) Funding for Avtex moving forward

(September 26, 2000) Officials propose birding and wildlife trail

(September 21, 2000) Supervisors support soccer complex at Avtex

(September 20, 2000) Supervisors vote to help fund soccer facility

(September 13, 2000) Residents hope Avtex site will be an asset


(August 31, 2000) EPA gathers information on site

(August 31, 2000) EDA wants soccer fields on part of Avtex field

(August 30, 2000) Heavener: Soccer complex commitment needed

(August 11, 2000) Avtex Grant Application OK'ed

(August 4, 2000) EPA schedules public meeting to discuss Avtex action plan

(August 1, 2000) Owners of land near Avtex seek $30,000 from EDA


(July 6, 2000) Avtex Funding Clears Another Hurdle


(June 29, 2000 - 2) House OKs $7 million for Avtex Cleanup

(June 29, 2000 - 1)House Approves Funding for Avtex

(June 27, 2000) Town Council OKs Avtex Amendments

(June 21, 2000) Avtex receives $7 million for demolition

(June 16, 2000) Sludge Basin Plan Questioned

(June15, 2000) Town Approves Avtex Plan

(June13, 2000) Town Endorses Amendments to Avtex Plan

(June 8, 2000) Supervisors approve plan for park at Avtex site


(May 24, 2000) Expense of eco-industrial park expected to pay off

(May 24, 2000) EDA: Avtex redevelopment to be environmentally sound

(May 20, 2000) ‘Green Design’ workshop to have ‘premier’ guest consultants


(March 29, 2000) EDC takes over ownership of Avtex superfund site

(March 17, 2000) Officials seek more funding for Avtex

(March 16, 2000) Group gather to discuss Avtex Redevelopment


(February 12, 2000) EDA plans for Avtex renovation

(February 3, 2000) Creating cash from chaos

(February 3, 2000) Asbestos and lead still plague building


(January 29, 2000) Vehicular access main focus on final Avtex site plan

(January 24, 2000) Company hired for Avtex renovation

(January 19, 2000) Design for section of Avtex site is unveiled


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