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(December 30, 1999) EDA to take ownership of Avtex by March

(December 18, 1999) Authority gives nod to Avtex agreement

(December 16, 1999) Agreement protects future Avtex site users

(December 16, 1999) Designing park place

(December 15, 1999) Superfund site is featured at national conference in Dallas

(December 15, 1999) Students take part in Avtex workshop

(December 14, 1999) Workshop gives residents a voice in redevelopment

(December 11, 1999) EDA relieved of liability for Avtex contamination

(December 8, 1999) Schools want a slice of Avtex

(December 8, 1999) Input wanted from residents for Avtex

(December 2, 1999) Judge OKs transfer of Avtex property


(November 24, 1999) Judge approves transfer of Avtex site

(November 24, 1999) EDA takes ownership of Superfund site at closing

(Novenber 18, 1999) Avtex in the works

 (November 18, 1999) From toxic sludge to roller-blading Avtex awaits rebirth as recreational space

(November 16, 1999) Bypass to be a factor in developing road design for Avtex project

(November 16, 1999) Authority announces street names for the business park

(November 16, 1999)Town officials get up-close look at Avtex cleanup

(November 16,1999) Avtex Multi-Stakeholders meet with landscaping firms to get ideas on proposed nature reserve


(October 26, 1999) Council nixes school bus facility at Avtex site

(October 21, 1999) Hemorrhagic disease responsible for deaths of 35 deer

(October 15, 1999) In Brief

(October 14,1999) Bill may give Avtex project $1 million for cleanup

(October 14,1999) Feds give $5 mil for Avtex cleanup

(October 14,1999) Council wont give schools extra Avtex land

(October 9,1999) Bill includes $5 million for Avtex cleanup

(October 7, 1999) No parking lot without council approval

(October 7, 1999) Busses at Avtex?

(October 6, 1999) Workshops set to outline Avtex cleanup


(September 30, 1999) County, town approve sale of Avtex to EDA

(September 29, 1999) School Board plans to build bus facility in Avtex lot

(September 28, 1999) Town, county approve Avtex contract

(September 23, 1999) Town, county to get Avtex under contract

(September 22, 1999) Judge sets Oct. 1 deadline for Avtex transfer

(September 21, 1999) Officials, FMC clash over land at Avtex

(September 18, 1999) Avtex bankruptcy case will not meet deadline


(August 24, 1999) After transfer, authority will likely own Avtex site

(August 20, 1999) Avtex redevelopment information on web site

(August 19, 1999) Attorney: Avtex deal to be done by Sept. 21

(August 14,1999) Supervisors, EDA working on Avtex land use deal

(August 11, 1999) Stakeholders ask about Avtex grant funds

(August 7, 1999) House passes Avtex cleanup funding

(August 6, 1999) Bill has money for Avtex demolition


(July 31, 1999) Many people feel Avtex plant should have a new name

(July 29, 1999) Cash and soccer: a winning ticket

(July 24, 1999) Avtex granted new look

(July 24, 1999) Avtex Site Goes from Superfund to Super Fun

(July 23, 1999) EDA to get $100,000 to help redevelop Avtex

(July 22, 1999) EPA administrator to announce Superfund program

(July 17, 1999) Grants to kick some life into Avtex site

(July 15, 1999) Agreement spells out Avtex's cleanup plan

(July 13, 1999) Avtex cleanup, finally

(July 10, 1999) Officials: Avtex matter is settled

(July 9, 1999) FMC to Make $63 Million Avtex Cleanup

(July 9, 1999) Former owner of Avtex site agrees to $63 million cleanup agreement

(July 8, 1999) More money pumped into Avtex

(July 8,1999) Public will soon see decree easing Avtex liabilities

(July 2, 1999) Avtex, Civil War sites get federal grants


(June 29, 1999) County working on deal to buy part of Avtex plant

(June 18, 1999) Superfund site to super fun site? EPA explains how

(June 10, 1999) EPA wants to cover up lagoons

(June 9, 1999)   EPA's plan for basins at Avtex: Scoop out, cover up


(May 28, 1999) Official: Avtex site will be ready by end of the year


(February 25, 1999) EPA asking public for advice on cleaning up Avtex


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