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(October 22, 1998) EDA: Tear down all old Avtex buildings

(October 22, 1998) Avtex / county deal falls through

(October 20, 1998) Board urged to adopt Avtex plan

(October 15, 1998) County withdraws bid for 110 acres of Avtex site

(October 7, 1998) $275,000 approved for Avtex cleanup


(September 24, 1998) EDA approves Avtex reuse plan

(September 10, 1998) EPA dumps plan for Avtex landfill

(September 4, 1998) EPA officials drop idea of landfill at Avtex

(September 2, 1998) Red tape means county can’t get Avtex land for months


(August 28, 1998) Supervisors to ask Wolf for grant for Avtex demolition


(July 30, 1998) The Demolition of Avtex

(July 28, 1998) Avtex building goes crumbling to ground

(July 23, 1998) Avtex building destruction is almost complete

(July 11, 1998) EPA to unveil plan for Avtex landfill


(May 27, 1998) Avtex plan praised but cost questioned

(May 21, 1998) A new future for Avtex

(May 19, 1998) Study: Market site to developers for hotel-conference center, park

(May 5, 1998) Officials: Worst Avtex areas best left to nature


(February 26, 1998) Cleanup at Avtex has begun; what’s next?


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