(November 14, 1996) Citizen groups may apply for grant to oversee Avtex cleanup


(September 19, 1996) FMC says it won't help in Avtex building cleanup

(September, 1996) Avtex was underwater, but no major environmental problems


(August 31, 1996) On-site disposal of Avtex debris is still a possibility

(August 24, 1996) EPA asks FMC to increase aid for Avtex cleanup

(August 22, 1996) FMC wants to decontaminate Avtex buildings with water

(August 22, 1996) EPA pins Avtex cleanup on FMC

(August 12, 1996) EPA is reconsidering proposed landfill

(August 2, 1996) Latest newsletter on Avtex on its way


(July 31, 1996) Attorney will look into Avtex takeover

(July 20, 1996) Landfill not completely leakproof, EPA officials say


(June 28, 1996) Deal on reuse of Avtex could come soon

(June 27, 1996) Superfund bill unlikely to pass this year

(June 20, 1996) Team says Avtex building OK for light industry


(April 20, 1996) Part of Avtex's ownership transferred in agreement


(March 21, 1996) New legislation may hasten Avtex reuse

(March 19, 1996) Wolf's bill would ease reuse of Avtex site

(March 6, 1996) Senate approves Avtex reuse bill

(March 1, 1996) Bill on Avtex reuse advances


(February 13, 1996) Delegates endorse bill designed to aid reuse of Avtex plant site

(February 10, 1996) Vote rescinds bill that would ease Avtex redevelopment

(February 8, 1996) Bill to help with Avtex site supported

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