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(December 12, 1995) Former Avtex site no longer eligible for federal grant


(November 29, 1995) Split of $2 million in platinum from Avtex worked out

(November 18, 1995) EPA coordinator: Avtex improvement 'tremendous'


(October 19, 1995) Dunlop: EPA ought to turn over Avtex, other sites to state

(October 17, 1995) Shutdown may mean Avtex left unguarded


(September 14, 1995) A wetland in danger

(September 7, 1995) Ex-Avtex employees sought by insurers

(September 7, 1995) River group rallies to save wildlife wetland oasis at Avtex

(September 1, 1995) Place planned for Avtex debris may be in flood plain

(September 1, 1995) Report: Former Avtex site is in bad shape


(August 24, 1995) EPA says bill House passed will stop Avtex cleanup

(August 22, 1995) Napier: Town, county not liable for Avtex clean-up

(August 18, 1995) Economic authority owns part of polluted Avtex site


(July 20, 1995) Landfill not completely leakproof, EPA officials say

(July 7, 1995) In brief


(June 22, 1995) Wolf seeks to protect county from Avtex liability issues

(June 22, 1995) Special storage cell may help Avtex cleanup

(June 21, 1995) County will not touch Avtex site issues unless it’s safe

(June 17, 1995) Surveys of Avtex site to begin Monday

(June 15, 1995) Foster ‘crusades’ for economic development

(June 15, 1995) Bill would protect officials working on reuse of Avtex

(June 7, 1995) Studies continue to determine extent of pollution and cleanup problems at Avtex


(May 31, 1995) Officials: Avtex reuse may be near

(May 27, 1995) Plans for Avtex on"cutting edge' of policy

(May 24, 1995) Out of the loop

(May 16, 1995) Foster: EPA isn't open enough about Avtex cleanup


(April 9, 1995) EPA: Tear down half of Avtex or it will fall down


(February 25, 1995) Funds sought to help make Avtex site a business park

(February 22, 1995) Avtex: Getting a new lease on life?

(February 22, 1995) EDITORIAL

(February 17, 1995) Officials look at reusable Avtex space


(January 27, 1995) Avtex may be ready for reuse in 6 months to year

(January 18, 1995) Friends of the Shenandoah River We All Live Downstream An update on Avtex


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