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(December 22, 1993) Avtex office to be released by EPA

(December 21, 1993) EPA to hurry work on Avtex sections likely reusable

(December 16, 1993) Work Continues at Avtex Site in Front Royal


(September 15, 1993) County still after share of Avtex assets


(August 11, 1993) Avtex site may be handled by private group

(August 4, 1993) Drillers sample basins at old Avtex plant


(June 23, 1993) Avtex re-use cloudy

(June 17, 1993) EPA: Who ends up with it key to Avtex site’s future

(June 12, 1993) Mowing at old Avtex plant to start soon

(June 9, 1993) Critics of cleanup to attend meeting

(June 8, 1993) EPA coming to town to talk about Avtex


(May 12, 1993) Open space added to Avtex reuse wish list


(April 15, 1993) Attorney: FMC can’t veto Avtex plant reuse

(April 3, 1993) EPA: Reuse of Avtex would need approvals


(March 10, 1993) Study says most of Avtex cold be reused

(March 10, 1993) Company Reveals Avtex Redevelopment Study

(March 9, 1993) Plan notes plenty of spots to clean up at old Avtex plant


(February 19,1993) EPA unsure if extra money will help Avtex site

(February 10,1993) Talks still on about cleanup study duties


(January 15, 1993) Avtex cleanup plan will be ready ‘soon’

(January 6, 1993) Redevelopment Study Of Avtex Fibers Site to Be Revealed Soon

(January 5, 1993) Man wants study of Avtex effect on residents health


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