the 4 least anticipated tv shows of april 2013 Comcast Christian Ponder Jersey isn t alone in its desire to expand its offering through theEarlier this year, moncler Time Warner Cable unveiled an iPad app prototype that shows current programming and full TV listings. The cable provider indicated at the time that its goal is to give users the ability to watch shows when away from home on their iPad, moncler and once they get home, resume watching the show on their television. Apple (AAPL) Unveils iDongle Changes Name To Apple Dongle This one isn t technically CES related, but Steve Jobs donned his black turtle neck and set his reality distortion field to overkill once again, for this year s MacWorld. While most are buzzing about the iPhone, even some of Apple s biggest fans are questioning the strategy behind Apple TV. Consumers have clearly indicated that they want to see an Apple PVR, but for reasons I ll never understand, Jobs has continued to ignore their pleas. Instead of giving his Tommy Mcdonald Jersey customers an Apple based PVR that could serve as a legitimate entertainment hub, Apple pre announced for a second time a glorified video iPod that connects directly to the TV. Beginning in February, Appleheaded fanboys everywhere will now be able to pay $300 for a device that won t stream DivX (DIVX), can t play your personal DVDs and won t work with other paid VOD services, all for the luxury of being able to play overpriced iTunes content, from a skimpy catalog of 250 movies, at less than DVD quality resolution. The best way to start making time for your health is to plan ahead. I always love this quote: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Once you get the hang of it, planning doesn t really take up much time. And the more organized you are, the easier it becomes. Start by planning your meals and snacks for the day, and then progress to the week. Keep grocery lists, and set a designated day for food shopping. Set aside some time on Sunday evening to prep your meals for the week. Your connection should be up in minute or so, click home link to see your connection status.Linksys Router users:Open up browser on your computer and type into the address bar your routers default IP User name and password window should appear; the default user name and password for Linksys routers are admin for user and admin for the password.The home page of the router has ISP settings, type in your email address as a user name and ISP password for the password, select save or submit. Deal is for 1.5 million TiVo standalone boxes only. We don t think it will be expanded to Comcast (CMCSA) TiVo, as it would compete with Comcast s VOD. We do not see how it changes the basic consumer proposition for TiVo, or helps to drive TiVo sub growth. George Wilson Jersey Amazon is likely to offer the service to other distributors. If 250,000 TiVo subs were to order $10 per month on this service, assuming a 25% contribution, this would translate into about $7.5 million in yet to be seen cash flow

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