How to conect my dvr to the internet so i can view my cctv remotely can anyone help. In particular with which leads go where. My wireless modem is in another room so I no i need to plug a wire from the back of my dvr into the woreless modem. What Chris Long Jersey them? Right, moncler you need to get a cat5e patch cable long enough to go between the router and the DVR. Both ends of this cable will be RJ 45 Male. Plug one end of it into the DVR (there will be a socket with or or or a small picture of a few computers connected together). There will probably only be one socket it will fit into, moncler this will be the right one. Now run the cable to your wireless router and plug it in at the back (probably) into a similar socket (most wireless routers have 4/5 ethernet sockets known as a switch). That the extra wiring done. Now go to a computer that is on the same network (a computer that you use the same internet connection for, and, I assuming you on a windows machine) and find an icon in the taskbar (bottom right corner) which looks like either a computer with a couple of waves coming out of it, or, two computers, one on top of the other. If windows doesn manage your network, there will be another icon which indicates network activity, this will work too. Double click on the icon and find the information you need (for a windows managed network, click the tab). Now, take note of the gateway and possibly the mask Now you need to configure your wireless router. When you initially set your router up, you will have gone to a website by typing in something like (this is the IP address for the gateway you have just gotten) into the URL bar of your web browser. Unless you run a webserver at home (which I doubt you do, otherwise you know how to do this) set the port as 80 (and, if asked, the protocol will probably be TCP) 3) This one is only necessary if you have set up MAC address filtering (you probably haven if you have, you know. Make sure the IP address we just found is entered into a list of allowed devices on the network. That us done on the router, now go to the DVR menu as your instructions say and enter Roberto Garza Jersey the IP address we just got as the devices internal IP address. For the gateway, enter the IP address of one of your computer gateway, this will be the same for all devices on the network (from earlier). Now you should perform a couple of quick checks: 1) in your web browser, enter followed by the IP address of the DVR (from the DHCP bit earlier). For example: You should a screen with something about your DVR, the rest should be intuitive from here. I can help on the web interface of the DVR. It something I have no experience in. Something like: If all goes to plan, you should see the same page as you did when you typed the DVR internal IP address into your browser. You will probably get a confirmation email or something to activate your account. Activate it. Now log in to DynDNS and click at the top of the page. In the leftmost column of the main page (not the David Bakhtiari Jersey menu) click on the hyperlink that says Host Services under Hosts

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How To Connect A DVD Player You have a DVD player, moncler a digital cable box and an old, moncler but sturdy, VCR. Aside from the fact that they can all connect to your TV, these three machines are quite different from each other and present certain difficulties when trying to connect them to each other. The purpose for doing so is to be able to record DVD movies or videos and cable TV shows on the VCR. The following guidelines outlined below assume that all three machines have coaxial cable connectors. Acquire an A B Vernon Davis Jersey switch and Y connector. Simple DVD players have no recording features. Thus there is the need to connect them to the VCR. The A B switch and Y connector will allow both digital cable box and DVD player to connect to the VCR at the same time and display the output of whatever machine is active on the TV screen. Connect the DVD player and digital cable box to the VCR. The A B switch allows you to transfer and activate one connection at a time. If for example the DVD player goes into the A input on the A B switch, the A output should be linked to the coaxial "In" on the VCR. The same thing goes for the digital cable box. Pressing the A or B button will allow you to switch between the DVD and cable box machines. With the use of another coaxial cable, fasten the second "Out" from the Y connector to the coaxial "In" on the TV set. The above is for a simple TV and player set up. With a home theater system things can get a little more complicated. It can also happen that the TV has a connection setup such as 1 video jack and 2 audio jacks. In this case the DVD player can have a dedicated A B switch, with the outputs leading to the first A B switch, to the TV set, or the home theatre receiver. Santana Moss Jersey The VCR and digital cable box, on the other hand, can be attached to the home theatre receiver. If digital connections are available (S Video, DVI and HDMI), you can maximize your home theater receiver by making it the hub the three machines can connect to. Here s how to do it: Attach the S Video Output from the DVD player towards the S Video Input on the home theatre receiver. Subsequently, attach the Out from the receiver to the TV set for the video and audio. S Video connections give much better picture quality than analog RCA cables. Generally, home theatre receivers have at least 1 to 2 S Video Inputs, and one Output. Attach the S Video "Out" of the digital cable box to the "In" of the TV. Attach the red RCA wire to the red connections, and the white RCA wire to the white connections on both the TV and the digital cable box. But if it s via the A B switch, attach the digital cable box to the B Input Chris Crocker Jersey on the A B switch. The important things that need to be taken into consideration when making such a set up is (1) the presence of coaxial jacks in both the DVD player and VCR, (2) the media system set up home theater or simple TV and player, and finally (3) the type of TV you have an old standard, a plasma set or a brand new LCD. All these things will determine what cables and input/output jacks are available