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Guide to the Royal Wedding on the telly The best I can tell, moncler there are two Royal Wedding camps: the Don Want to Miss a Thing Camp and the Don Give a Rat Behind Camp. This post is for the first one. If you into the wedding festivities, moncler you no doubt already been gorging yourself on the multitude of "behind the scenes" specials examining how Prince William and Kate Middleton met, how Kate compares as a human being to Princess Diana, speculation on dress, headgear, and cake choices, the number of butterflies used to pollinate the flowers in the bridesmaids bouquets, and so on. I suggest you just stay up all night. They had Meredith Vieira and Natalie Morales on the ground in London all week, and Matt Lauer, Ann Curry, and Al Roker join coverage there on Thursday. UPDATE (4/28 5:40pm NBC says Williams heading back to US for tornado coverage). Most notably, host Robin Roberts (GMA George Stephanopolous and Sam Champion are still in New York, but they stand in front of Union Jack flags a lot when they talk, so it almost the same thing). ABC also has their anchor Diane Sawyer in London, as well as the American Queen of Celebrity Butt Kissing, Barbara Walters. They all be joined Friday morning by Newsweek editor Tina Brown (British!), London Daily Mail columnist Katie Nicholl (British!), former press secretary to Prince Charles Colleen Harris (British!), bridesmaid to Princess Diana India Hicks (British!), royal historian Robert Lacey (British!), and royal editor for London Sun newspaper, Duncan Larcombe (British!). ABC reporters Chris Cuomo, Cynthia McFadden, David Muir, and Bianna Golodryga will also be in London. ABC coverage goes on for six hours. That right, Katie Couric is heading the CBS coverage, but Show anchor Erica Hill will also be on hand. CBS coverage wimps out after five hours (five hours? What are we, savages?!). BBC America wins the Royal Wedding Longevity Award, clocking in at 12.5 hours of straight coverage Friday. and the festivities will be narrated, at least till Mario Manningham Jersey he passes out, by Welsh journalist Huw Edwards. but bails temporarily breaks coverage after five hours (Update: Fox News would like Happiness readers to know that they are taking the royal wedding very seriously and are not "bailing" on royal wedding coverage. They will in fact Kevin Ogletree Jersey be providing you with updates throughout the day and into the evening so do stay tuned to Fox News for all your royal wedding needs.). Shepard Smith and Martha MacCallum will anchor from Buckingham Palace, Gretchen Carlson and Jonathan Hunt report from Westminster Abbey, and Jenna Lee and Jon Scott provide analysis from New York. On MSNBC, Joe Scarborough Joe show has been broadcasting from London all week. Friday, with a show hosted by Chris Jansing and Martin Bashir. TLC has been killing it for the past week with specials about everything from royal lingerie to Prince Harry new status as the Dennis Pitta Jersey world most eligible bachelor. Expect them to use Clinton Kelly and Randy Fenoli prominently