Hygiene in the Field winners of the Tmimi Cup, moncler The Western Desert Football Cup Team L/Bdr Ward, moncler Michael Crabtree Jersey Gnr. Hodgson, L/Bdr Hodgson, Dvr. Vincent, Sig. Adams, Sig. Oliver, Sgt. Powell, L/Bdr Rosie, Gnr. Ebdon, Dvr. McLaghlane, Gnr. Wolstenholme. Background to story:This story was submitted to the People s War site by Roger Marsh of the Action Desk Sheffield Team on behalf of Arthur Ward, and has been added to the site with his permission. Refer to Chapter 1 A4345544 for links to other chapters. LIFE IN THE ARMYARTHUR WARD Chapter 13 Hygiene in the Field November 06, 1942 We stopped 15 miles from Mersa Matruh as all the brigade was short of petrol and ammunition. Then it started to rain. We could not understand this in the desert, Jamar Taylor Jersey but it churned up all the tracks, so that movement was impossible except on the asphalt coast road. This meant that we could not get our supplies, as the coast road was jammed with traffic which was a pity, as our forward observation officers could see hundreds of enemy guns which were in range but retreating fast. Most of them got away!!! We stayed for 4 days, then our Priest which had been damaged, had to be taken on a tank transporter to Mersa Matruh, to the Depot. We went with it and were issued with a new one, then all the Regt loaded up on to transporters (1st Transport Coy), so on November 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16, we continued the chase through Sollum, Halfayia, this was a very steep escarpment with S bends on which we were travelling down hill. We could see for miles across the level desert at the bottom, and had a hair raising ride down the pass, as we were perched high up on the transporters. There were many trucks burnt out at the side of the roads from both sides, as they had been machine gunned by planes when negotiating the many bends in the road. Also a burnt out Messerschmidt fighter had crashed near the road. It was named by troops as Hell Fire Pass . Then on the coast road again, past Sidi Barrani, Fort Cappuzzo, Bardia, El Addem and Gambut. All these were Wog villages where the Italians had built forts when they took over this part of North Africa. We by passed Tobruck by going down the Axis road and finally stopped South east of Derna, which was a town on the coast, and from the road high up overlooking it, we could see the flames as the Germans had set, fire to the large buildings before they fled. November 19, 1942 We stopped at Tmimi on 19 November. We dug slip trenches and erected our biwies as we were told we were to have 14 days rest, and intensive training and a "fittening up period", which had been ordered by Montgomery, ready to make a final push to El Ageila and then the 8th army objective Tripoli. We levelled out a hard area of sand and marked out a football pitch. I played in goal for A Battery. Results A Bty 2 v B Bty 0 No. 1 team 0 v No. 2 team 2 (inter Battery) We received William Gay Jersey some mail which was the first for a long time and I had an airgraph from mother and dad, which said that they had moved from 114 Worksop Road to 135 Worksop Road which was a larger house

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